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Yet again, more RCMP CORRUPTION

Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 19:10
Emergency meeting probes alleged RCMP cover-up
Globe and Mail - 
OTTAWA - A Liberal MP is calling for a public inquiry into what he calls a “culture of corruption” in senior RCMP ranks amid allegations of obstruction and cover-up.
Officers' testimony shocks MPs Toronto Star
Zaccardelli may respond to RCMP allegations

Comments by Christine Marchand from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, May 09, 2015 at 11:41
You would think the RCMP and other level of the Canadian Goverment is currently protecting a sociopath pedophile in the community of Canmore, Alberta ?
Well, believe it, it is happening.
I filed a complaint to the RCMP detachment in Canmore, related to a delusional sociopath pedophile whom has been stalking me for years. The reply I got from the RCMP is that they had not enough evidence to conduct an investigation. Instead, they gang up with the sociopath pedophile stalker, became his victim of mental and emotional abuse, and then became his extension, and have been stalking me, for 40 months now, imaginating am a dangerous sex predator. They have been violating every aspects of my life, on behalf of a pervert, with their delusional need to be looked at as intelligent individuals.
The incompetence of the authority/RCMP in mismanaging a stalking case, wasting 40 months of tax's payer money, with which they use, to exploit, manipulate and promote abuse, co-dependency, irresponsability, and immaturity, with hundred of innocent civilians, so far.
The RCMP failed to protect hundred of civilians, and still are, and now an innocent vulnerable human being, the sociopath pedophile's grandson, has been his victim.
On which side are the police and government of this country ? Criminal
Doing what they do best: organized crime.
Quite a mandate they have.

Comments by Archie Anarchy from Other - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 at 04:12
The government can ****** right off and take their creepy freemason RCMP assholes with them.
I'm tired of having my tax dollars fund a criminal organization and it's army of bullies.
Bad enough they ****** with us in our own country, but now the government is sending it's soldiers to fight the bullshit "war" in the middle east.
ISIS is a scam. Nazis were a scam. Created by freemasons / zionists / illuminati, or whatever you want to call those luciferian fudgepackers.
Stop watching television. Stop believing their bullshit. It's all an illusion. A mind-******.
Every massacre or shooting or bombing or whatever that you see in the news is a fabricated, staged, false flag event. It's all Hollywood bullshit.
When you stop believing that they actually have any power or authority over you, they will eventually cease to exist.
It will take some time, but the scumbags will eventually go away if enough people stop funding their bullshit games by paying taxes and license fees that are levied by these blood-sucking leach criminals.
And ****** you Harper, you greasy little piece of shit. 33 degrees up your ass, ******o.

Comments by candace from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, January 03, 2015 at 23:15
I believe the r.c.m.p are disgusting , untrustworthy pieces of filth. I speak from experience.... They have unjustly treated me like a criminal...when I am actually one of the victims of a crime....rights have been violated and continue to be violated ...when they come to my door step...they don't come by themselves..they come in numbers what the ****** kind of bullying tactic is this...I am a single mother of six children?!...not to mention the meaningless threats that are used on me...I didn't understand that I had rights before and now I do...I ******en laugh in your pig face and you no longer scare can kiss my ass and stop spending my tax paying dollars for malicious treatment of our Canadian people...the RCMP should answer to the people of Canada...try remember that you are to be a service to your are not to be above your people but should remain below the hand that feeds you ...sick ******in RCMP bullshit waste

Comments by Vern Terry Andersen from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, October 01, 2014 at 08:28
On Jan 25 2012 I was attacked by a person who has threaten MD twice in the past the RCMP help plan this attack and the Edmonton police cover it up.I had to file 4 complaints because the police covered up the complaint then when I finely get complaint filed the police lie and threaten me.

Comments by John Abbott from Saskatchewan - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 16:47
You people are all ******ing paranoid and nuts...

Comments by kate,Jacquie,Tai Deyette from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 15:08
I have been gang stalked by corrupt RCMP the whalley office this shit has raped me sexaully abused me lied about me and my family tring to defimate our beautiful name. this shit takes videos of people in the safety of there own homes, showering, going to the bathroom, and sell the shits filth to other mindcontroller eyeball pediphiles psycho baby******ing ugly getto filthy gross trolls this shit needs to be arrest for the way this shit thinks and looks at your family!!!! its soooooooo grosss. this shit is around 109-141street surrey BC its filth!!! getto french fith. should someone read this please help me inform people of this crap its bs innocent familes around the world are being vitimized for nothing just because this shit doesnt like you. gangstalkingworld. com, fighting tactics, targeted individuals of canada, corrupt RCMP who have technology,

Comments by SurreyVigilante from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, May 09, 2013 at 01:55
I remember a couple of months ago, the hells angels , the most powerful rich vicious and violent gangs in the world especially canada were on the verge of setting up shop right here in surrey bc, around the guildford area. What did the RCMP do? They decided to take them to the table and try to negotiate bribe them to leave. Imagine a police chief on global tv news saying hes gonna negotiate with the most violent gang in north america. The protector of the city is going on his knees begging for the criminals to back away . This is third world, this is not canada. Our police must stand tall look criminals in the eye and make them pay for the damages done to society not beg and comply to their demands. The RCMP does just that, comply to criminals demands because they are "afraid" of facing war. What war? the RCMP has many fully automatic weapons at their disposal, armored vehicles etc. They could win. But they are scared because the hells angels and other powerful gangs give them money and hookers as well as other stuff they would rather get than work for.

Comments by ConcernedCitizenofSurrey from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, May 09, 2013 at 01:39
I dont know why its usually an issue in canada , but whenever there is a crime, the victim is usually blamed. Thats ridiculous. I keep saying canadian law purpose is shifting to protect property , codes, laws, religion, culture over human life. It actually does, look up murder cases involving firearms esp combat weapons. The suspects are hardly even charged.

Comments by ConcernedCitizenof Surrey from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 at 14:32
Couldnt agree more with all these posts, canada's constitution seems that property , religion/ philosophy, culture and other man made concepts have more right to be protected than human life. Yes the RCMP is always on the side of the rich and powerful criminals, the brown(east indian) gangs, the evangelical churches, jehovahs witnesses ,catholic church, icbc, and many more. All these organization push forth their idols on mankind corrupt our values with false promises of rewards later on. Canada is becoming an idol worshipping country that forgets that the lives of people have a greater importance. The RCMP are a bunch of week and slave like idiots who only comply with the rich thinking that is what God wants them to do. Thats not a police force, a good cop stands before the gunman no matter if he is rich or poor and protects the people around him regardless of what class race or religion they are.

Comments by dean Pulls from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 at 12:24
The catholic church should be shut down I'm sure they are behind tons of the corruption with the RCMP as they are responsible for religious cleansing and are all murders in a mass hidden society of bullshit. If they are not stopped it will be the end of the world sooner then later.
People are nieve and cannot see the true the worlds/people need to open there eyes and see the true before there souls are harvested by this massive cult of church serpents run by the RCMP and its corrupt leaders.!!!!!

Comments by Shawn from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 14:33
This country is shameful.My dead relatives who fought, died and bled for this country would be ashamed.Its all about CONTROL. The rcmp are the ss of the canadian government. They do whatever the hell they like. 2 sets of rules, one for us and one for them.When are people gonna wake up and take back whats ours? REBEL! SAY NO, DO NOT CONSENT, FIGHT BACK. The day is coming.

Comments by MG from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 06:35
Does anyone know what the number 20866642121210 means.RCMP in Lloydminster can read my mine through Radio Frequency pumped through the shaw cable box.then tried to kill me with radio frequency so that my blood would coagulate and form blood clots june 10,2012 I flatlined twice they tried three more times after that.June 10 was thirty three years to the day that I was confirmed in a Roman Catholic church.I fled Lloydminster. late September for Edmonton
Incidents that happened since October 1,2012
1. October 1 started to move into my apartment got my tenant insurance transferred over to new apartment at 3pm it started on fire at 9:30pm. I had possession of the Lloydminster property until October 15th . People wanted me to go back was ARSON and my car keys were stolen.Letters from doctors, lawyers, Edmonton Police, Privacy Commission where I am requesting a copy of the transcript of the off the record discussion where Mr. Cotter threatened me.
2. October 3 noticed a couple of guys hanging around my car in the hotel parking lot. Later that day I got a flat tire and there was a 3 inch spike in my directly in my tire. I took my tire to tire village to get fixed Kire ( counter person ) told me if I took it back to where I got it from they would replace it for free. He was taken back that I now live in Edmonton. He told me that driving back to Lloydminster would be cheaper than having him sell me a new tire. A tire shop is not going to replace a tire for free when a three inch spike is in it! 3.October 3 while I was waiting for AMA to fix my tire. Paul Whitman the insurance adjuster wanted to know my exact location. Then his assistant Jonathan phoned wanted my exact location. Also there was a truck full of people came around a corner and I heard them say “there he is and someone yelled “hi Murray “but they never slowed down or stopped. I did not recognize them.4. October 17 the front desk of the hotel I was staying at phoned to my room asked me when I will be checking out. I was booked in to the hotel until November 2.
5. October 18 phoned TD Waterhouse to take out money from account told them to send the cheque to Callingwood branch in Edmonton . They sent it to the branch in Lloydminster.6. October 23 I could not find a bank draft I had so I went to TD Bank on Calgary Trail, in Edmonton I was met by the Branch Manager Shona Brooks she told to me I would have to wait 35 days to get my bank draft replaced. I wanted to do an indemnity Agreement and get a replacement. Lisa was filling out the indemnity agreement I asked her if she was related to blank I could tell that she recognized the name. She asked for my TD Waterhouse Statement and told me she couldn’t find my Account and she wouldn’t finish the Indemnity agreement. I told her that I would be going over to the Callingwood branch.
When I got over to the Callingwood branch Jillian who I had talked to about the draft now said that the Southside branch had phoned and that I would have to wait now 90 days. I asked for a copy of the draft she said the only copies of the draft are the draft and my copy (how does the bank offset the debit ). The bank has to have a copy. I went to a third branch and Lisa said that the procedure is to look up the draft and if it wasn’t cashed put a stop on the draft and do up an Indemnity Agreement and issue a new draft .I had a replacement draft and I was out of the bank in 15-20 minutes.8. October 25 I picked up my mail at the Shoppers in Callingwood it had an expense cheque in it from my insurance company there was a long cheque stub attached to it. I detached the stub and put it in the hide compartment of the back seat. Deposited the cheque the next stop I looked in the hide compartment and the cheque stub was gone.
9. October 31 Since the beheading of Mr. Robert Roth in Ranfurly,(which is one of the locations Mr. Cotter mentioned in his threat to me). I truly believe that if I would have gone back to Lloydminster, I would have been killed!! I also believe an occult is involved.
10. November 1 I extended my stay by 10 days I went to the front desk and one of the ladies made me pay off my bill first in the amount of $1667.55. I looked on my Visa Statement on November 5 there was also a charge of $1856.70. I went down to the front desk and clerk told me it was for room 340 I don’t know who was in 340 I was in 329 on my bill they show that there was two people in my room. It was only me. Kathy told me that after 72 hours it would be corrected. It wasn’t. Talked again to Kathy then Simon, then Michael and Nancy from head office. The hotel tried to close the file on me. I am still trying to it off my visa as of December 11.This is finally done.
This is only one month since I left my Employer three and a half years ago. I am a victim of collusion and the attempts on my life have been threatened more then and they are getting more aggressive.

Comments by Martin Gensburg from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 01, 2013 at 02:36
From documentaries I have watched I see more sympathy in a lot of Mafia members. The Mafia cannot afford to have wild cards with anger problems. Of course though when you do piss off the Mafia they do things far worse than I think any police officer has ever done. Some police officers I have met, in fact, a lot of them are some of the coolest people I have ever met. Some of them are everything I want to be. The story about the fire hose actually happened. It happened to me...

Comments by Jack markornikoff from Other - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 21:00
You forgot the rest of the story Mr Gensberg .! The young man had a half brother head of the Russian underworld string mafia and payed the same respect to the police officers and there families that did this act to his sibling until they were no more.

Comments by Martin Gensburg from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 03:19
There was once a young man. He complained about police corruption. He was arrested and taken to a room where water flooded the floor. He was told he would be cleaned and primped for the big show. Then the young man was sprayed with a fire hose. The fire hose was connected to the fire hydrant outside. The young man was sprayed and sprayed until he swore. The young man was hand cuffed to the railing above and was asked politely to bend over. The young man then was shot with water somewhere until the water came out of his mouth. The young man died and the paramedic brought him back. The young man got very sick because he ingested what had came out of his mouth. The young man wasn't heard so he held his breath. The young man is no more.

Comments by Jack tamper from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 15:14
RCMP run the drugs no they manipulate society so there church can reap the reward of other people's failures more then Likley seven day Adventist or jahovahs master manipulates . The churches use the drugs as a temp plate to collect souls on the earth and they are run by the free masons the RCMP has huge presents of certain religions and they manipulate society for wealth and power . Basically they are the serpents in society the churches use a group of bikers called the bells angels and they kill off anyone joining them. It's all a mirror to collect your soul and groups like the RCMP have figured out this and they work it like a chest game with them coming in first all the time pretty easy to do when you control all sides of the law and the criminal world. That's it in a nut shell .

Comments by Jesse McDonald from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 10:57
Whos the giant lie machine?? Unfortunately if your sister and her boyfriend ended up dead a year later is truly to bad to hear such a thing. They would have been doing drugs as the devil controls the drugs and anyone who touches them has hell in there lives. Seems to be run by the RCMP.

Comments by Glen (Sonney) McConnell from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, April 16, 2012 at 13:52
Repent from your sins or you will feel the wrath of the true king.You the coruped cowards of evil and greed. do you really belive your littlelie clubs or so called friend wont stab you in the back eventualy?. The truth is more important than the concequences. Only the truth shall set you free. You will all be accountable for selling out to a corupt evil lie machine.Do you think you can fool your maker?The blood and sufering of all your victems cries out to God for jusice and they shall have it> amen.

Comments by glen mcconnell from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, April 16, 2012 at 13:39
The R.C.M.P. in reddeer falsified my mothers death report and had sex with my sister ,murdered my little sisters boyfriend .made it look like suicide .as well as his mother .all conected to the corupt cash cow blood money pill pushers .the lie ciatrist has his name on the panoka hospital. my nother was a r.n.a for 38 years. she confronted the shrink and threatened to have him fired and investegated for double prescribing my little sister and her boyfriend. less than a year latter thier dead.God dam thier greedy murders they will answer to God .glen mcconnell

Comments by Frank smith from United States - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012 at 18:25
They are more then likely a bunch of Catholics collecting souls keep a close eye on the heating and plumbing people they are all snakes . They fabricate society like hell has no tomorrow trying to get dirt on people for judgement using the Jehovah chuurch to collect souls . They formed the watch tower and gather dirt on everyone in society they run shaw cable in your home and feed your personal conversations into the airways for the devil to here this is run by the Freemasons they control the hells angels on the streets who do there killing for them they are all controlled by the government . Then the whole thing is controlled by the catholic church and all the other churches work for them. You see they can make dirt on you create he'll in your life they are the devil. If the church catches you doing drugs they all work together to destroy you. They lie give you false information and send you in the wrong direction. They will also all of they charge you three time more for anything you need done say your furnace goes they will charge you 5k when it really should have been 3k.when the sick pricks attack you they will screw you in everyway possible . They will try and kill you off make it look like suicide I have seen this my whole life as i worked for hidden society I have seen it all. Everything in society is bullshit!! The twin towers the target was the firemen!!! In the building and they more then likely deserved it. In Thailand the senate the target was India I was there . A whole holly war goes on steady on this earth until it is destroyed pretty much so this is why there is so much destruction the more wrong is done the more god rocks the earth!! Religions have all gone bad and they all fight for who is right. There is only one god and his name is god. I call him jac !! I worked for him my whole life until recent could not stand to see the evil these asholes do in society no more!!! This is the real truth . Most religions live the truth but none can see it.

Comments by fed up from New Brunswick - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012 at 20:26
every time i deal with RCMP they lie in their police reports making them sound like angels and me like a criminal, trying to get me to rat on people in the community, and id like to know how much money a day they make in fines, from 80$ to 168$ fines. imagine how many fines a day they issue, they will soon be better equiped then our military.

Comments by pissed from Saskatchewan - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, August 19, 2011 at 09:22
Canada is a corrupt country run by high profile criminals all in the RCMP!!! they spy on people and pick away at them stealing all there assets and murdering off any one that trys to help you. This country is a piece of shit a culture of corruption.

Comments by fed up from Ontario - Southern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, May 05, 2011 at 18:24
RCMP is a F________in Joke they are a corrupt crimminal organization they think everyone is a surpent and they can steal cheat and fabricate society. They murder off your families and steal your assets they are a joke and I agree are balls deap with the devil.

Comments by devil is here from South Africa - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, April 04, 2011 at 09:53
The RCMP and all the religions that run it are balls deap with satan and there all about collecting souls when you die you see the truth. Live your life and do not let no one trick you into scams or doing wrong and you will be okay do wrong and the RCMP/satan will collect your soul.

Comments by A civilian alone from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 14:42
We have all seen the corruption inherent by the cover-ups of the Catholic Church, an Organization with a history of over 1,700 years.
With the RCMP, we have an Organization at about 200 years of age.
I believe that ANY Organization in a position of power eventually goes corrupt.
One of the UGLY truths of human nature.
I remember, as a child, my aunt(a former Provincial judge), told me at 13 years of age:"The police are NOT your friends."
I am sorry about how much 'Truth" my aunt's statement has proven.
I'd love to see something from Freedom of Information that shows how much annually the RCMP pays out due to lawsuits.
Then the public might do something about this criminal organization.

Comments by iDoNotWanttoBeKilled from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 04, 2011 at 16:40
There is even top level corruption in the RCMP in Red Deer Alberta. threatening witnesses destroying evidence, beating and starving suspects, RCMP was once the bastions of the Klondike now. the Queen of Red Deer is dragging Alberta into the third world.

Comments by lost for words from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 17:37
The RCMP is nothing but a cult. I no these sick pricks inside out they contol society and will kill , murder extort and sell drugs to your children. I owned a company in kelowna and for six years had everyone stealling and minpulating me the numbers were stagering in the end they had gone to the banks changed all my properties into there own names and tried to murder me off. I had hired people from australia and usa to help I am very wealthy. Most of them were seven day adventist and jahovahs with german heritage. In total they had stollen over twenty million in cash and assets before I tracked them all down. I have enough eveidence to shut the RCMP down in canada completely , but there would be wars in the streets when people found out the truths about this cult . They totally tried to murder me off in my home and make it look like a suiside but failed in the process. These people murdered my mother off and three of my friends who tried to help on a outside basis. I have no words that can say how evil these people are all I can do is hope and Pray GOD puts a rath on there souls . Not sure if anyone else out there has had troubles like this but shit I have a book coming out on it in 2012 watch for it then everyone will no the truth about the RCMP.

Comments by Susan from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, February 07, 2011 at 08:31
Whenever I had a complaint, the RCMP always told me "That's not against the law." One time when my neighbor was blasting away on a shotgun for 2 hours and scaring the living daylights out of me, I phoned the RCMP, to only be told, "That's not against the law." When they were going "F&^% you!" to me 24/7, it was going on for 4 years already and when I phoned the RCMP, they told me I did something to them and that they were on their own property, and that swearing isn't against the law. So how come after I had to listen to the F word non-stop for 4 years, after I wrote "F&^%you" all over their For Sale sign, (because I had it ringing in my years and was sick to my stomach of them), right away an RCMP cruiser showed up at my door and they were willing to charge me with mischief because they "couldn't" sell their house. So I guess it's okay to swear at your neighbor as long as you're on your own property, and if they swear back you can't sell your house. They also told me that they "don't take sides." Yet one cop came here one time with another cop and told me, "I'm on your side" (his exact words) Then he was making sexual moves to me and telling me I wanted him and didn't have to tell him because he knew and that he knew all about me and I didn't know anything about him and that I have a hole betwen my legs and didn't know what he had and what he could do. He only ever comes running when the neighbor has a complaint. She is a married woman so I wonder if he told her the same thing or not. Yeah, I used to think cops were good guys but now I'm thinking they are a bunch of sleasebags, like what's on this website. Sure, they look impressive in their fancy uniforms. One thing that impressed me is their obnoxious, stuck up attitudes. Like this same cop can't get my neighbor to tie up her dog. He's still running at large, but he thinks all he has to do is cry, go "Yes...Yes.." tell me I have a hole between my legs and that I don't know what he's got and what he can do, (and he can't get my neighbor to keep her dog tied up). They come running when someone else has a complaint but if I have a complaint they ignore it, and tell me it's my fault if they are doing something. For example they can't keep their dog under control because I have 5 dogs. It's okay for them to use F words, but not anybody else back to them. As well, he probably would draw the line at a man telling his 16 year old daughter that she has a hole between her legs but he'd tell me. Yeah, he's a top cop, but so was that army base commander who murdered 3 women and where is he now? I guess the RCMP think they are so high, they need to come down off their high horses. The higher they climb the harder they fall.

Comments by hear ya from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 12:47
The british?? why don't you take a close look at the German/austrian's there with out a dobt the serpents in the bible. They minipulate and cause nothing but hell on earth. They program the british at birth and hide behind them its the truth. What race tries to get you to do wrong think about it through out your life. Look at there last names all german background. Who controls weapons look at the gun makers. Shcmidt bender , shwartzkoff

Comments by fed up from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, December 09, 2010 at 19:47
Why has'nt any media outlet, ever informed the people of heroic feats accomplished by the rcmp, when they kidnapped tens of thousands of native kids, in most cases, at gunpoint. Not only did they kidnap them, they covered up the rapes, abuse and the murder of these kids. (20,000, 30,000, 40,000.) These files are LOCKED away in the indian affairs vaults (national security) and will probably be destroyed by terrorists or by fire when they remodel the parliament buildings. But when push comes to shove, somebody more evil is pulling their strings and giving them their orders. It not only happened in Canada, add the u.s., australia, and new zealand to your list. ALL EX BRITISH COLONIES, coincidence??????

Comments by jack from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 10:00
RCMP are run by the freemasons and the hells angels are just a lure for them to bring bad people in then they kill them off. I have seen the rcmp in kelowna try and murder one of my good friends steal all his assetts and he was worth 10million plus never did anything wrong but own amd work in the banking industrie like a slave .They own and run most of the banks in canada and control the flow of money. If they want something of yours they will get it and stop at nothing to do so. They have control over the realestate companies and use there lawyers to steal your assetts murder off your brothers ,sisters , fathers ,mothers ants and uncles. If you have ever had a uncle shoot himself more then likely he was killed by these people and looked as if he killed himself they are all sick individuals and will get there's ten fold. They try and put chaos into people's lives and make them sell everything off so they pick it all up for nothing.
Most of these people are german , jewish heritage and there religions are german church of god , seven day adventist and jahovah whitness.
They usually start spying on people by getting them to install security in there homes where they have listening devices and camera's on you and learn everything they can about you over a period of ten years and then harvest you like a crop and take everything you have.
My suggestion keep your eyes and ear's open and your mouth quiet there watching.
Let us know if you wish to join us.

Comments by Cam from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 18:23
The Royal Corrupt Mounted Police. Where to begin? Well when you can taser an innocent immagrant that doesn't speak English until he's dead because he was waving a ******ing stapler in the air, Then there is a problem. When you can intentionally drink and drive, hit a motorist, continue driving home and have a couple shots of vodka, then come back, there is a problem. Oh yeah this cop left the scene, was drinking and driving, and killed someone and only got charged with attempted obstruction of justice. That's it? Wow people say he had a good lawyer but I beg to differ. It's called police get away with it. They get away with crimes they are paid to prevent them WOW. This country will have a massive riot soon if changes don't Apply to our police force. Why the ****** can't we have a city police. Don't trust the RCMP!

Comments by sfsdfdsfsd from Prince Edward Island - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 10:10
RCMP. Royally Corrupt Mounted Police. ****** the RCMP. The RCMP isn't just a police force gone corrupt; it and corruption or synonomous. It was created on corruption and it always has and always will be corrupt to the core. Most other levels of police in Canada are also corrupt to the core. You get these ******ing faggots with extremely low intelligence levels joing the police because they are two ******ing stupid to do anything else. They don't understand what they are doing when they join the police. The way I see it, the RCMP is a completely corrupt organization, from the very top of the chain to the bottom, the whole thing is corruption. Local police forces are just as corrupt but in a different way. You get faggots who they are tough joing metro-police forces. Most of these guys are criminals to begin with and are extremely unintelligent. ****** THE POLICE>

Comments by Chad Schwab from Saskatchewan - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, June 03, 2010 at 06:08
I have being looking in to the RCMP being allowed to take home patrol cars, here in canada. I have searched and found nothing. I for one am sick of here about offduty cops getting in accident while driving patrol cars. It also costs us taxes payer a crap load of money in gas and expendatures. I would like to get a conclusive answer. If there is anyone out there who could tell me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Comments by paul8bee from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 at 14:58
Rcmp is one of the best jobs around. You get paid $75000/per year with Full Benefits, and you can get away with Murder. I for one do not feel that safe anymore. We might be better off with a few more Hell's Angels around.

Comments by m collins from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 18:16
We want to caution people about the anglocanadian members of the rcmp in B.C. We think they are the most corrupt and evil police in the world and that they are involved in human trafficking involving the corrupt B.C. govt. We also think they are involved in a sex torture/abuse ring and their main targets are young vulnerable women and minority groups particularly Jews, French Canadians, Natives.
1. Their track record: They have a long history od sexually assaulting, torturing and murdering people. Check out the web folks, for all the atrocities they have committed. Let us name a few:
-tsering and killing that man @ Vancouver airport.
-sexually assaulting a 10 year old girl in the underground tunnels in grand forks, bc
3. raing a male acquaintance of ours who was in their custody, putting him in a solitary cell with no witnesses and attacking him with a cattle prod.
4. raping and having sex with underage girls. A woman we know claims she was invited to one of their parties and saw them having sex with these girls.
5. Two of the rcmp males holding down a woman at a party and raping her repeatedly.
6. Drinking blood and being involved with a occult and a crime group from Vernon, BC. This is who the federal govt. is hiring to serve and protect the public.
The rcmp are involved in human trafficking for profit and they also sexually assault people (mostly women)because they are sexual psychotic and criminals.
We believe they get info about women from govt. sources and social service agencies. When they find out about a woman they have a sexual interest in they find ways to abduct her without looking guilty and arousing suspicion from witnesses and bystanders. First they makw sure the woman has no family or friends for back-up and that she is preferably poor and homeless and afraid of them. They try find an excuse to take her away or say she's nuts and they have to take her away. Then when they gether they take her to an undisclosed location and likely drug her and then force her into having the most depraved sex with them, othyer men and animals. We believe they torture these women with electric shocks to their genitals and breasts and try to handcuff her to a table or paralyse her with a taser and insert broken glass and guns into her vagina. We think they also make videos of all this and sell them. And they may also do children. We think they are racist and their uniforms look like nazi uniforms. And they like to torture women in their uniforms, it turns them on. They like to also not tell these women what will happen to them. That turns them on too. They also like to get the female members to sexually assault the women. They get off on it. Those female members are probably lesbians anyway. We've noticed them giving one of us suggestive looks. We think the rcmp keep these women in cages and no one ever hears from them again. Lots of women and kids missing in B.C.
A lot of them are woman abusers anyway and we met 2 of their daughters, one in a halfway house, one on drugs who claims they were abused by their fathers when very young. They are unfit parents too and should have their kids taken out of their custody. They live by the 11th commandment, "thou shalt not get caught".

Comments by Justice from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, March 29, 2010 at 14:40
The RCMP needs a full Overhaul. Starting with Public Accountability and being held responsible for any and all Criminal acts. It's time for them to start doing their "JOB" properly and responsibly, and stop acting as if they have a license to Lie, Kill and Steal e.g. Stop hanging out at Denny's and Joey Tomatoes in Coquitlam, for hours on end with your buddies and New Westminster Police counterparts. Come on Officers, do you want respect? Do you really think no one notices? You have alienated yourselves from the public. Want respect? Then earn it. Too bad corruption breeds corruption. The corrupt Politicians, Judges and Prosecutors taking bribes and handling criminal cases without any concept of justice, other than feeding their egos by getting their names in the newspapers for finding the defendant(s) guilty before they have had their day in court. When it comes down to who tells the most believable lies, including the Police Officer(s) and defendant(s). The only advance in law I have seen in the last 10 years is the raising of the age of consent to 16. I found it surprising that if you are charged with a criminal offence and can't afford a lawyer, Legal Aid will not provide you with a lawyer unless the Crown is seeking jail time from their initial sentencing position, which applies only if you are pleading guilty, if you are later convicted it is subject to change. On the other hand if you are the victim, you can be denied any assistance unless you have signed a statement or the Police feel that you haven't cooperated. Especially frightening, is if you are a female victim and you ask a Victim services worker for a ride home and at first she agrees and then after leaving the room and coming back a few minutes later denies you a ride. The Male officer that you had originally ridden in with appears and his Female partner has somehow disappeared. The male, extremely obese RCMP officer Constable B*****. now insists on giving her a ride but she insists on a female police officer. He continually insists that only he can drive her. She finally reluctantly accepts, to which he now insists that she sit in the front seat with him. After long hours of this officer bringing her cigarettes, coffee, etc. and continually harassing her to sign a statement, trying to be alone with her and many unwanted innuendos such as asking her if he could have permission to enter her place of residence, feeling totally intimidated, she finally reluctantly sits in the front seat. On the way home he starts telling her stories about how he's a different kind of police officer and has worked with the force for 13 years. He tells her, how he doesn’t want to see her end up as a statistic and how beautiful she is and that he is single. I ask anyone this? Does this seem like appropriate conduct of an RCMP police officer? Or no less any decent human being? Knowing that he is in a position of authority and the victim is in a vulnerable state and in a relationship? What kind of person is his female partner and how many times has he acted in the same sort of, or other inappropriate conduct in the past?

Comments by Patricia Moore from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 13:13
I have had some dealings with the RCMP in Esterhazy Saskatchewan and have seen a side of them I never dreamed.
How would I notify Internal Affairs about this?

Comments by hinotes from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 14:47
Canada is falling in grace in front of the entire world. The shameful corruption, needs to be cleaned up, starting from the top. The two most reasons for corruption in Canada are, politicians and the RCMP. Thousands of Canadians, no longer want the RCMP, as an icon for Canada. The only government agency we found not corrupt was OAP and CPP. The reason corruption got such a strangle hold on this country is, because no one can point fingers at the other outfit, is because, all of them are also corrupt and corruption is a good cash cow. The greed and dishonesty, will eventually destroy Canada. BC, is in crises right now, because of Campbell. So I guess Canadian citizens are going to have to be criminals to survive, just mock the government officials, and do what they do. However, people would have to sink to that same level of lying and stealing. Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments by cinderella from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, November 09, 2009 at 13:27
That useless twit, Braidwood allowed the RCMP to get away with murder. The RCMP are like the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. The RCMP, have no pride in them selves, they lack integrity, honor, truth, and they are not to be trusted. Have a look at all the crimes they have committed, they are just as bad as the criminals they arrest. Their image is in shambles. They are no longer the decent force, Canadians were proud of, many, many years ago. I know a veteran from WW11, he is also retired from the RCMP and said, in his day, it was death before dishonor. The RCMP of today are a far cry from that good man. His wife said, a once honorable and proud profession is fouled beyond redemption.

Comments by Shannon from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, October 16, 2009 at 15:00
I do believe there is something coming about, disbanding the RCMP. Their crimes are offending many citizens. There are people in Canada, who no longer want the RCMP emblem representing Canada. Their corruption has become so apparent for the world to see, they are too much of an embarrassment to the decent people in Canada. Braidwood, seems to have done nothing to clean up the corruption and that is his job to do so. That is what the citizens are paying through the nose for. He should resign, as should Campbell. He is also corrupt. Campbell has made such a disaster of this province by his lying deceit, it will take, twenty years to recover. Why did he not take Braidwood to task. I guess corruption pays very well at the top. Why did the RCMP not arrest Campbell for his crime of the sale of the BC Rail? Our rivers. I guess crime pays too well.

Comments by sky from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, July 20, 2009 at 16:55
I always cringe every time the news is on. The RCMP are a disgrace to this country. The RCMP and their crimes are on Global TV, so they have shamed Canada in front of the world. Their crimes are atrocities. They murder, molest little boys, they pay teen-age girls for sex, they launder money, drug trade. Those are only a drop in the rain barrel,who knows what other crimes that have been covered up.

Comments by john doe from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 15:55
The rcmp are a federally funded conglomerate.When rcmp mess up who investigates them ,why the rcmp do.we need a federally funded watch dog group like the internal affairs of the us not made up of rcmp personnel with the same technology and training as upper crust rcmp. The 3 major levels of rcmp....rcmp civilian,..rcmp k division,rcmp cisis.As civilians we are in trouble.

Comments by GeorgeOfTheJungle from United Kingdom - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 04:39
This is one of the reasons I left Canada. The Police in Canada, at all levels including Provincial Police and the RCMP, are corrupt to the core, and use their technology to harass citizens - not to protect them.
The major problem is that the Government allows the Police to investigate themselves, instead of having an impartial and highly qualified Committee to investigate Police crime and corruption.
If you are thinking of emigrating to Canada - think again. Canada has now become a Police neo-con State, an extension of the USA.

Comments by Jackel from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Monday, October 08, 2007 at 19:16
the rcmp are nothing more than gov. funded/ with tax payers money/and its about time they learned that they are civil servents, but in fact they are more dangerous than the public at large/it has being proven, so it seems the better they can lie and make false charges, the higher in the corruption of the rcmp they can go,lets say about 15 years ago, maybe 3 out of 5 actually could be considered real rcmp, now a days on might be lucky if 1 out of 5 is a real rcmp

Comments by Bayonet from Other - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Sunday, April 01, 2007 at 12:35
good articles by lisa corbella and greg weston in the sun online.makes you wonder why no one pulled the plug on the this national disgrace a long time ago.

Comments by dave from Canada - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 21:12
Nothing new to see here ...move along!!
With the corruption the lieberals surrounded govt with for the last 30 years, this is no surprise!!

Comments by Concerned from Ontario - Northern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 05:29
I'm sure the best is yet to come.
We'll see how far and how deep the corruption has really spread as long as the Conservatives are sincerely serious about routing it out.

Comments by prariedog from Alberta - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 18:58
yeah.. never had much use for civilian police forces to begin with.

Comments by Mark from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 12:58
The RCMP are terrible here in B.C. The traffic cops are rude, arrogant, mean and act like robots. A couple of years ago one was charged here with theft and fired. We had a major murder investigation of a small child and they destroyed and contaminated evidence. They are incompetent. We don`t need "federales" like in Mexico. RCMP members often transfer in and out of communities so that they never really get to know the people and understand the people. The RCMP numbers should be reduced and their duties curtailed. I would much rather have provincial police and city police.
They released our firearms info to the public and to terrorists when asked by an extreme liberal newspaper, the Ottawa citizen.
It doesn`t surprise me a bit to hear about the latest corruption charges.

Comments by Giggy from Ontario - Northern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 12:55
And you have to wonder if ole"outhouse Annie"had anything to do with it or was aware of what was going onIt'd make my day to see her brought out of her cushy little job(s)and raked over the coals

Comments by bidl from Other - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 11:31
they know it will be a full lieberal public enquiry, if it happens, which it likely won't.

Comments by Lillian from Saskatchewan - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 08:56
Gosh golly gee whiz. Doesn't that claptrap from the LIEberals sound like they ARE DESCRIBING LIEBberals????
After all, most of the corrupt toadies promoted to high positions in the RCMP from Zac on down, ARE LIEberals PROMOTED BY LIEberals!!

Comments by Giggy from Ontario - Northern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 05:12
And to think,these are the IDIOTS the govt.wants to hand over the reins of the just about seals it for me.I'll NEVER register another firearm and I'll be doing my best to UNREGISTER the ones that I have registered in a moment of weakness and stupidity!Like one of the guys suggested,disband this bunch of incompetent,corrupt,self gratifying,powertripping liebral puppets and let each province police themselves.But there it is again,"THE LIEBRAL CONTROL THING"If it ever was to happen it would sure accelerate my pulling up stakes and heading west!!

Comments by GUN FREAK from British Columbia - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 23:08
The peoples Banana republic of Canada,aka,Northern MEXICO.Si,Senor?

Comments by Jeep from Ontario - Northern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 20:23

Isn't this what we have come to expect from Lieberals and their appointed hatchet- men, and/or women???

Comments by JJ from Ontario - Southern - (Report Post - RP)
Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 19:36
Is it me or does it feel like Canada is becoming Mexico?

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